• Background & history

Copperstone Resources AB (the Company) is formed as Kopparberg Mineral AB and the first exploration permits are granted.

The Company decides to invest in its own drill rig, and its shares are listed on AktieTorget. Cooperation with Archelon AB and IGE Nordic AB begins with focus on iron ore. The service company Argo AB is formed in order to provide services towards other actors in the market. Work begins on the company’s own exploration permits.

Nordic Iron Ore AB is formed together with Archelon and IGE Nordic AB through pooling of their respective iron ore permits. Exploration continues on the Company’s own exploration permits and drilling begins at Laxberget.

An agreement is reached with Lundin Mining on the acquisition of Lundin Mining Exploration AB. Work continues under the company’s own exploration permits.

The Company finalises the acquisition of Lundin Mining Exploration AB (name changed to Kopparberg Mining Exploration AB). The exploration permits for the Håksberg field are sold to Nordic Iron Ore AB.

Work on the Eva deposit is commenced and further exploration work in the Skellefte field begins. The Company and Gold Ore Resources Ltd. signed a declaration of intent to form a jointly owned mining development and exploration company in the Skellefte field.

Nordic Iron Ore AB applies for a mining concession for Blötberget.

The Company is introduced on NASDAQ OMX First North and applies for a mining concession for the Tvistbo deposit. Diamond drilling takes place at Håkansboda. The joint venture with Gold Ore Resources Ltd. is completed with the creation of Norrliden Mining AB.

Nordic Iron Ore applies for a Mining Concession for Håksberg which is granted together with previously applied mining concession for Blötberget.

The company obtains a mining concession for the Tvistbo deposit. An independent consultant conducts a mineral resource assessment for the central part of the Håkansboda field. The Company applies for a mining concession for the Håkansboda mine and further diamond drilling is carried out at Håkansboda.

Norrliden Mining AB obtains an updated, independent mineral resource assessment for the Norra Norrliden deposit. The large amount of information on the Skellefte field within the company archives is compiled and an assessment is initiated.

Nordic Iron Ore AB applies for an environmental permit for the reopening of the Ludvika iron mines. A major drilling programme is carried out, primarily focused on the Blötberget mine and the Väsman iron orefield.

The first results from diamond core drilling at Håkansboda is received, which indicates a more extensive mineralisation than previously assumed. The Mining Inspectorate rejects the mining concession application for Håkansboda. The Company appeals to Government but halts further drilling at Håkanboda until the matter is resolved. At Tvistbo, top hammer drilling south of the mining concession area shows promising results for further exploration.

Nordic Iron Ore AB signs a letter of intent with Oxelösund Hamn AB and reports substantially increased mineral resources. NIO also signs a letter of intent with Coal and Ore Trading Limited regarding marketing and sales of iron ore product up to 600,000 tonnes per year.

Within Norrliden Mining AB the evaluation of the substantial existing information continues.

The Government rejects the application for a mining concession at Håkansboda but for other reasons than the Mining Inspector. The Company duly appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court.

Norrliden Mining announces the Copperstone project as an Exploration target containing 60 to 100 Mton @ 1.0 – 1.2 % Copper equivalent. Mandalay Resources steps in a new partner in Norrliden Mining. Nordic Iron Ore receives an environmental permit to restart the mines in Blötberget and Håksberg.


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