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Corporate Governance

Copperstone Resources conducts its business in accordance with the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code) which is considered an expression of generally accepted practice in the Swedish securities market. As a result, the Code is indirectly a part of the rules of Nasdaq Market and Copperstone is obliged to adhere to these rules as they pertain to Nasdaq First North Growth Market listed companies. These rules are listed under the “First North Growth Market Rules” section of the Nasdaq Stockholm website.

The Board ordinarily meets on a regularly basis providing effective leadership and overall control and direction of the Company’s affairs.  Formal agendas, papers and reports are sent to the directors in a timely manner, prior to Board meetings. The Board also receives summary financial and operational updates at each Board meeting. The Board delegates the technical aspects of exploration and its budget to management. Any Director may take independent professional advice at the Company’s expense in the furtherance of his duties.

Company description

For a current description of the company and our business, see our latest quarterly report/business review.

The Copperstone Project

Arvidsjaur Kommun, Sweden