The Copperstone Project

Found in Sweden

The Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies has for many years consistently ranked Sweden as one of the best countries regarding government policy on attitudes towards mineral exploration investment, although in most recent years lost some positions. Finland is currently number one and Sweden in all material aspects has the same prerequisits with regard to geological and tectonic settings, mining heritage, culture and jurisdictional safety, so one thing is for certain, we’re in it for the long run.

We want to build a strong and sustainable copper producing company and exploration presence in this part of the country. We are proud of our initiatives in close co-existence with the local communities. What would a re-opening of the Viscaria copper mine mean for Kiruna and the potential porphyry copper discovery mean for Sweden and the Arvidsjaur region? Copper porphyries typically have large tonnages and the mining and beneficiation of such a deposit, should it be found, would have a major impact on the regional economy and potentially on the Swedish mining sector.