Location - Granliden, Arvidsjaur Kommun

The Copperstone Project

Unlocking the hidden potential in Arvidsjaur Kommun

The Copperstone project (100% owned by Copperstone Resources) is located approximately 50km southeast of Arvidsjaur and 700km north of Stockholm in northern Sweden in a place we call Granliden. Geologically the project is hosted within volcanogenic supracrustal rocks of Paleoproterozoic age bound regionally by voluminous crystalline granite intrusions which constitute the bedrock of the Fennoscandian Shield.

This undulating afforested terrain has been eroded in more recent times through repeated glacial advances and today is largely mantled by unconsolidated sediments of Quaternary age.

The project area in Granliden also lies some 15-20km north of the famous ENE-WSW trending Skellefte-field region that hosts more than twenty (20) volcanogenic massive sulphide ore bodies which are either being mined or were mined previously, making this one of Sweden’s major base-precious metal ore producing belts.

Quick facts about Arvidsjaur Kommun

  • The drilling site, that we call the Copperstone Project Area, is located approx. 50km southeast of Arvidsjaur, Sweden.
  • Arvidsjaur Kommun is in turn a part of Norrbotten County in the province of Lappland.
  • The whole commune has a population of around 6500 inhabitants.

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